What is a healthy lifestyle?

What is a healthy lifestyle? Overview

A healthy lifestyle can make you feel better. Better yet, you are not forced to have changes in your life overnight. Making little changes can easily steer you in a safer direction. Once you make a change, that success will motivate you to make more good changes in your lifestyle.


What is a healthy lifestyle?

Simple meanings of healthy Lifestyle doing that things which make you realize happy and feel good. It is a different theory For the different person , for some person that might mean walking a mile every week, eating junk food once a week, and spending time with your loved one every day or so. For other person, getting a healthier means running in marathons, following a diet regular& never have alcohol in their life. There is not only one way to get healthy.

Both of the ways are good from their prospective so, it is up to you which way you decide to live healthy Lifestyle.

Producing changes to improve your health will always provide benefit to your body, your mind, your wallet, and the environment too.


1.Disease prevention

Healthy habits can decrease the risk of various diseases, including those that can be passed on in your family. A recent study found that adults who ate fruits and vegetables ( standard American diet ) for eight weeks had a lower risk of heart disease.

Replacing some refined grains with whole grains can also reduce your risk. In an observational study of nearly 200,000 adults, those who ate the most whole grains were 29 percent less likely to develop type 2 diabetes than those who ate the rarely.

When it comes to exercise, just 11 minutes a day can add years to your life. People who did moderate to vigorous physical activity for 11 minutes a day were less likely to die than those who got just two minutes of that intensity. This comparison holds true even when people sit for 8.5 hours a day.

2. Save your money

It is always wise to see your primary care physician once a year. This is especially true when we see how "silent" some health conditions are, such as high blood pressure. This means they don't show any symptoms, so you usually don't know you have the disease unless you get tested.

But the healthier you are, the less likely you are to visit your doctor. This saves money by reducing co-pays, prescriptions and many other treatments

3. Prolong your life

Basic healthy habits have been linked to longevity. By age 50, you could live up to 14 extra years if you never smoked, maintained a healthy weight, exercised regularly, followed a healthy diet and consumed alcohol in moderation. Making some of these changes can extend your life.

4. Good for the environment

Highly processed foods contain refined grains and additives to change texture, flavor or color.

Some examples of these foods are cheesecake, candy-coated cookies, chicken nuggets, and salty breakfast cereals. More than 70 percent of the food in American supermarkets is overly processed.

The production of highly processed food contributes to greenhouse gas ejection, water shortage, biodiversity loss, plastic waste and deforestation.

Then the production of animal products. According to a study of 2013 by the Organization of food & agriculture, of the United Nations, a United Nations agency that works to reduce hunger and food inequality around all over the world, raising livestock for meat and dairy increases anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions. Gas rises. It produces 14.5% gas.

But it's not just about how much or how little you eat. Replacing short car trips with bicycles reduces the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere. In a 2010 study that wasn't peer-reviewed, researchers estimated that if 20 percent of Madison, Wisconsin citizens cycled less than 5 miles, it would save more than 57,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually.

A 2017 study in Stockholm found that drivers living within half an hour of their commute could save 449 years of county life each year if they traveled by bike instead of by car because of its availability, it reduces vehicle emissions.

These estimates are not speculative. Barcelona's bike sharing scheme saves around 10,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year.


What are the simplest plans to start this?

Your journey to a healthy lifestyle starts with small changes that you know you can make. Consider setting "SMART" goals. Smart representatives:

- specific

- measurable

- Receivables

- related

- Time frame (due date and complete within a certain time)

When you start focusing on these goals you realize you are achieving something, which is necessary for you & When you will start wining on your small goals,  you will surely set your own big goal


- Eat lots of vegetables

In a year 2010 analysis, a reliable source of prospective studies, shows that eating vegetables and fruits is associated with a lower risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer and premature death.

Although it is better to eat more vegetables, you should not go from zero to 9 portions a day. Maybe your aim is to eat one serving of vegetables before dinner. If you are doing this already, consider eating one vegetable or fruit with each meal.

Remember, less processed vegetables are better. Instead of stir-frying, try roasted potatoes with spices or sauté them with a variety of colorful vegetables and drizzle with a delicious vinaigrette.

- Be proactive

You have to make you feel active whole day, in actual this is the key of make you feel positive in life or live long. If these words "workout" or "exercise" bother you, think about this action as exercise or you just need to simply moving your body for 30 minutes.

Instead of doing these you can start morning walk, bike riding, take dance classes, practice for martial arts, or try any online classes in which you are interested. The most important thing is to choose an activity that you are interested. Choosing an activity that interests you increases your chances of continuing with that activity.

To getting healthy you don't need to push you for hard or long working out, remember, start from 10 minutes a day. Add another 5 or 10 minutes if you feel comfortable. Keep doing this until you're hitting 30 minutes a few days a week.

- Keep the friendship

Having strong relationships and connections with friends and loved ones supports mental health.

First, people with bad relationships have a higher risk of depression. People with low social connections have twice the risk of depression than people with high social connections.

Similarly, research shows that feeling lonely is associated with low self-esteem and an increased risk of depression. It is also associated with various health problems such as headache, heart pulsations, pain in the back, neck or shoulders.

Even if you can't see friends or family in person, schedule a phone or video call once a week. Or if you see your neighbor, just strike up a conversation.

- Stress management

Chronic stress sends your body into a constant state of fight or flight mode. This puts a strain on your immune system and makes you more high strung to health problems, e.g.

- heart attack

- person with diabetes mellitus

- Digestive problems

- depression

- high blood pressure

- anxiety

- difficulty sleeping

Workout helps you to reduce stress by releasing pent-up energy. Physical activity also stimulates the release of mood-boosting hormones, endorphins. For some people subconscious practices such as meditation, deep breathing, journaling, and being in nature can help reducing stress. Spending time & talking to a friends can also help you to get rid from stress.


How you think about a healthy lifestyle is how you define yourself. There is nothing you should or should not do to be healthy.  You have to decide what makes you feel happy and what brings to you great joy. After deciding start small when making changes. That way, they're more likely to see success, and small successes can be multiplied by larger gains.

Finally, make conversation to your doctor if you need help making lifestyle changes. If they can't help you directly, they may refer you to another professionals, such as a registered dietitian or therapist.

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