Mortgage Loans in Delhi

Mortgage Loans in Delhi Overview


The National Capital Territory of Delhi includes Old Delhi and New Delhi, adjacent rural areas and surrounding urban areas. Delhi holds a pivotal position as one of the most important cultural, political and historical centers of India. It has been one of the most prosperous real estate markets in India. If you are taking a home loan, its interest rate is a major factor that affects the total cost of your home. Since the home loan amount is high and the tenure of the home loan is also long, home loan interest can have long-term financial implications. Getting a lower interest rate for a home loan will not only result in lower EMIs but also lower interest payments. If we talk about the  interest rate, then the lowest interest rate till date is 6.95%*. Hence, home loan borrowers should try to get a home loan at the lowest possible interest rate.

Best mortgage company & banks in Delhi

You can get a home loan from a bank or a non-banking finance company (NBFC). Housing Finance Corporation (HFC) is a part of NBFC. You can choose a bank or HFC by comparing the terms, rates and fees they offer. Let's take a look at the best mortgage companies in the country.

Top Banks mortgage loan providers in Delhi

Axis Bank

HDFC Ltd. Bank

Kotak Mahindra Bank

Canara Bank

Aditya Birla Capital

LIC Housing Finance Limited

Indiabulls Housing Finance

State Bank of India

Kotak Mahindra Bank


*Best mortgage company in India

GRD India financial services Pvt Ltd

HDFC Housing Finance

LIC housing finance limited

Sundaram Home Finance

PNB housing finance co. Ltd

GIC housing finance Ltd

Tata Capital Housing Finance Limited

Dewan Housing Finance Limited (DHFL)

Canfin housing finance Ltd


*Types of mortgages offered in Delhi

Banks and non-bank financial companies offer a wide range of home loan products to choose from. Based on the needs and purpose of the client, housing loans in Delhi can be categorized into the following types.

- Home purchase loans

are available to borrowers who wish to purchase a new house/apartment or purchase an existing property.

- Home loans for construction

are suitable for those who want to build their own home instead of buying a pre-built property

- Home improvement loan

It is ideal for those who is looking to repair or renovate an existing property.


- Home conversion loan

It is available if you wish to move to a new house/apartment after taking out a previous home/property loan


- Home Extension / Expension Loans

are offered to prospective borrowers who want to extend / extend or change the structure of their existing property / home.


- Home loan balance transfer

can opt for a reasons such as lower interest rates and better customer service from another bank, people who want to transfer their existing home loan from their current lender to another lender.


Eligibility for a mortgage loan in Delhi


The eligibility of a home loan for any individual depends on whether you are able to fulfill the terms and conditions laid down by the lending institution or not. By knowing your home loan eligibility, you get to know whether you will be able to get the loan amount as per the terms and conditions prescribed by the lending institution.


Eligibility Criteria.                           Requirements

- Age:                                           Minimum age: 18 Maximum age: 65


- Annual Net Income:                     An annual income of at least Rs 5 lakhs is required depending on the type of business


- Type of employment:                   Self-employed or salaried


- Residence:                                  Permanent residence or rental accommodation where you have lived for at least one year prior to                                                              applying for the loan.


- Credit score:                               A good credit score from a recognized credit faculty.

Documentation Required to apply for mortgage Loan in Delhi


  1. Proof of Identity

- Voter ID Card

- Driving License

- Aadhaar Card

- Passport


  1. Income proof

Salaried individuals:

- Income Tax Returns or Form 16

- Salary slips of the last 3 months


- Balance sheet and income statement certified/audited by CA for the last 3 years

- Income tax returns by calculating the income for the last three years of assessment


  1. Other documents

- Bank statement showing current loan payments for the past six months (if applicable)

- Passport size photographs of all applicants/co-applicants affixed and signed to the application form

- Cheque of processing fee

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